Our approach to responsible business is central to our future plans at Inchcape.

  • It will provide measurable benefits to the Group, bringing us closer to our customers and communities.
  • It will make Inchcape a safer, more inclusive and rewarding place to work. It will help us recruit, engage and retain the best talent.
  • It will ensure we remain a trusted partner to the OEMs with which we work.

We are united with the interests of all our stakeholders in the need to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, for our people, for society and for the planet.


Driving What Matters

To deliver our vision for responsible business, we have developed a robust framework. Our Driving What Matters plan, developed in 2021, was designed collaboratively with our operations teams for ownership and delivery by our people, locally.

The plan comprises our four pillars of Responsible Business: Planet, People, Places and Practices: