The world is changing rapidly as society transitions to a more digital and less carbon intensive future across every sector. Physical dealerships remain essential in the customer journey but are no longer the only route for customers to access their mobility needs.

We have known for some time that the key lies in omni-channel – creating the opportunities for customers to access the full range of our products and services – from purchase through to aftersales and services – in the way that most suits them, online, offline and any combination of both.

This approach is not just good for the customer, but has also been developed for us to better serve our OEM partners, building new capabilities, systems and processes at Inchcape to ensure we are best placed in the market to become the undisputed number one distribution partner of choice for automotive manufacturers.

Helping our brand partners transition to a new energy future

The right distribution partners will help OEMs move faster as they adapt to a new environment, one that is digital first, data-rich, less reliant on traditional business models and focused on the powertrains of the future – from internal combustion engines through to hybrid, electric, hydrogen fuel cells, and more – based on customer and OEM needs.

Distribution partners with vision, scale and the ability and willingness to invest in transformation will be critical to OEM success in the lower volume, high growth potential markets in which Inchcape typically specialises.

Enabling transformation – how we deliver for our OEM partners

Everything we do is about being a better partner to our OEMs, with a future-focused mindset and capabilities built on operational excellence in our core automotive business.

1. Helping OEMs grow market share and drive profitability

  • We have a long track record of achieving high market share positions and high customer satisfaction.
  • We are a well-funded, reliable partner with global processes and governance to reduce risk for the automotive brands we work with.
  • Our core focus is on lower volume, high growth potential markets where OEMs lack scale – combining the power of a global independent distributor, with the efficiencies of regional back-office support and deep local market expertise.
  • We are at the forefront of the omni-channel transformation, investing in the combined digital and physical estate to create the optimum customer experience.

2. Innovative digital and data solutions deployed at pace

  • Seamless omni-channel operations using our proprietary digital experience platform, supporting all commercial models.
  • Data & analytics capabilities to optimise performance.
  • Continuous improvements in on- and offline customer experience based on customer needs.

3. Insight and capability to support OEMs through the transition to future powertrains as customers’ needs evolve

  • Deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of EVs and its implications for customers and business.
  • Piloting future mobility solutions.
  • Agility and challenger mentality to facilitate future needs.