Promoting a safe and healthy working environment based on an inclusive and diverse culture

1. Inclusion & Diversity

We want all of our colleagues to feel that they belong and have a safe place at Inchcape to be their full and best self. We believe in the power of the differences in our people, and the diverse knowledge, skills and perspectives they bring. Enabling our strategy depends on creating a workplace where diverse perspectives are heard, valued, and considered proven drivers of success.

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2. Safety, Health & Wellbeing

As an automotive distributor, our day-to-day work involves the operation of vehicles, machinery, and other manual activities. This exposes our colleagues to health and safety risks which are essential for us to identify, monitor, and manage. Our overarching objective is to provide a workplace that encourages safety to sustain a healthy environment for everyone’s wellbeing. Our Health and Wellbeing framework aims to provide a consistent colleague experience across markets.

For more information on our approach to Health, Safety and Wellbeing please review our Safety & Wellbeing Statement.

3. Talent & Development

Creating an environment where everyone is empowered to reach their potential is a core priority of the People pillar. In a changing industry, we must ensure we are supporting colleagues’ development as they adapt to evolving skill requirements.

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We prioritise our global talent and building a safe, inclusive workplace where everyone thrives. Our development programmes, diversity initiatives and wellbeing framework empowers our people to excel in our dynamic industry.”

Helen Cunningham Chief People Officer

Highlights & achievements

  • 300 Colleagues on leadership programmes worldwide
  • 800+ People involved in our Early Careers programmes
  • 100+ Graduated from our Women into Leadership programme
  • 82% Inclusion score in our Be Heard survey, reflecting our commitment to an inclusive culture
  • Launched our Global Health & Wellbeing Framework
  • We maintained a strong health and safety culture built in accordance with recognised global standards

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