News | April 24, 2024

Over 100 Inchcape colleagues complete our Women into Leadership programme

Inchcape – the leading global automotive distributor – is celebrating this month, as 100 of its colleagues have now completed their ‘Women into Leadership’ Programme – that accelerates the development and careers of females throughout the business.  

A more gender-balanced workplace brings a wider range of experiences and viewpoints we need to deliver on our Accelerate strategy. Women make up a significant portion of the vehicle purchasing decisions and ensuring they are represented at all levels of our business increases our innovation, growth and competitiveness in the market.  

Focusing on gender equity, with a target of increasing women in senior positions to 30% by 2025, Inchcape established Women into Leadership in 2021 to help achieve that goal. The Programme equips participants with valuable skills, experience, and mentorship to enable them to apply for and succeed in senior roles.  

“Gender equity is a priority for Inchcape as is making meaningful progress in increasing the number of women holding senior roles in our business. Women into Leadership is key to delivering that priority and I’m pleased the first 100 women have completed this Programme.”

RUSLAN KINEBAS CEO in APAC – is the company’s executive sponsor for the Programme

“I thrive in an environment that constantly presents new challenges and Inchcape has consistently provided me with such opportunities, shaping my identity and professional journey.

“Being part of Women into Leadership empowered and inspired me by exposing me to successful female leaders who I can learn from.”

BAIBA JAUNTĒVA Head of Finance Inchcape Latvia - Participant in Women into Leadership

Ruslan Kinebas also said:  

While we’re pleased so many colleagues have completed this Programme we’re looking ahead too. More women will complete Women into Leadership in the time ahead but our Aspire Women Programme – launching this year – will not only enable women at Inchcape across all levels gain skills to accelerate their own careers but also grow a talent pipeline with gender equity at its core.”