Four reasons to join Inchcape

1. You will be joining a strong, global business with ambitious growth plans

  • We have around 14,500 team members across 40 countries and six continents.
  • We are listed on the London Stock Exchange and in 2021 our revenue was £7.6bn.
  • We are the world’s leading independent automotive distributor and since 2015 we have expanded our operations from 26 markets to over 40 markets.

2. You will help us lead a transformation of our industry

  • Our markets and our customers are changing rapidly – and Inchcape is evolving to stay one step ahead of the forces shaping our industry.
  • We are becoming more digital and data-led, so we can offer our customers a great omni-channel experience that will increase customer satisfaction, sales and help grow our awareness of our brand partners.
  • We are not just transforming mobility for the world’s communities we also want to help shape a better future for the world. Our “Driving What Matters” Responsible Business plan is built around four pillars:  Planet, People, Places, and Practices.

3. You can make an impact

  • We are a global business, but provide the right level of autonomy so key commercial decisions are made locally – this is because we believe our local employees know their markets and customers and they are best placed to make key decisions that will help grow their local businesses.
  • We are big enough to invest in the projects that will make our business thrive, but small enough so you will get noticed and be recognised for your work and have real accountability. You are always more than a number at Inchcape.
  • We value our colleagues being entrepreneurial and helping develop solutions, so we can provide great experiences to our customers.

4. You will be a part of a great culture and work with the best

  • Underpinning how we work is our winning culture and our One Inchcape Values & Behaviours. Our inclusive culture is built by effective teamwork, innovation and fresh thinking, a focus on delivery and putting our customers at the centre of everything
    we do.
  • We have long partnerships working with the best-loved brands in our industry. Our partners trust us to develop and grow their brands, this means you will work with leaders in the automotive industry.
What our team say about working at Inchcape
“The most rewarding thing at Inchcape is watching my team grow, to see them get promoted and move to new opportunities”

Nicola, Finance Director
Inchcape Singapore

“I would recommend joining Inchcape if you are looking for innovative work, a diverse work environment and continuous learning opporunities”

Dominik, Aftersales Director
Inchcape Poland

“I joined Inchcape as there was a great opportunity to start a new JLR dealership in Helsinki”

Eddie, Sales Manager
Inchcape Finland

“The most rewarding thing about my job at Inchcape is the energy I receive from my team”

Nina, Senior Campaign Manager
Inchcape Belgium

“Inchcape has a focus on its people, we have diverse teams and encourage everyone to participate”

Ten, Head of Inchcape Digital Delivery Centre
Inchcape Philippines

“Inchcape has helped me develop my career…. by offering different training programmes”

Amelework, Senior Technician 
Inchcape Ethiopia

“There is always an opportunity at Inchcape to grow with the support of management”

Jose, Technical Support and Training Specialist 
Inchcape Costa Rica