News | April 30, 2024

Inchcape’s Ruslan Kinebas, CEO for APAC shares how we are putting parts sales in the fast lane with Parts Lane

by Ruslan Kinebas – Inchcape CEO for APAC and Stuart Jacobs – Digital Parts Platform Lead

With a global parts market valued at over $2 trillion but that’s historically driven by offline and fragmented online sales, Inchcape’s APAC team have been seeking ways to drive value in this area that is vital for our OEM Partners.

We set out to design an online experience that’s innovative, that disrupts and accelerates the sale of parts and makes this process more efficient and better value. Our solution is a Digital Parts Platform called ‘Parts Lane.’

Parts Lane has been developed by a team of experts from our APAC DDC (Digital Delivery Centre) – a hub of digital innovation, where we test, learn about and prove new technology. Our teams there, made up of engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers and transformation specialists, as well as our local teams who have deep knowledge or their markets and expertise in requirements gathering, design, development, and automation.

Parts Lane streamlines the sale of automotive parts in a way that drives value with a smoother process that offers better, more efficient experience throughout the supply chain.

I am proud of our team in Australia who have just led a successful trial of Parts Lane. This trial paved the way for it to be further trialed in APAC and its technology that can be employed globally. We believe the parts market can be transformed and that with Part Lane, Inchcape can be at the forefront of doing so.

We are incredibly proud of the digital and data capability Inchcape’s Parts Lane is the result of much hard work and dedication from colleagues in our Digital Delivery Centre in the Philippines, supported by a talented team globally.

With Parts Lane our goal is providing a B2B parts marketplace that gives our partners a competitive edge. We genuinely believe this market can be transformed and that Inchcape’s digital experts can be key to making that happen.

Ruslan Kinebas – Inchcape CEO for APAC discusses Parts Lane: