News | August 2, 2022

Inchcape Greater China Announces a Strategic Partnership with Great Wall Motor Company Limited

Inchcape Greater China (“Inchcape” or the “Group”) and Great Wall Motor Company Limited (“Great Wall Motor”) announced, today, a distribution agreement to bring an exciting range of electric vehicle products to Hong Kong and Macau.

As the distributor, Inchcape will represent Great Wall Motor, in particular supporting its electric vehicle (“EV”) brand “ORA”, providing sales, after-sales services, and brand management. This is a first-time partnership between the company and a Chinese Passenger EV car manufacturer in the Asia Pacific market.

Great Wall Motor is one of the best-selling vehicle manufacturers in the world, and a technology leader in the automotive sector. It is also a pioneer in the clean energy sector, both in hydrogen and solar energy, as well as an investor in advanced technologies such as connected vehicles, and automotive chip advances.

Duncan Tait, Inchcape Group CEO, commented:

I want to congratulate the Inchcape Greater China team for another milestone. The partnership with the Great Wall Motor Company is aligned with our Accelerate strategy and Responsible Business agenda and brings an exciting range of Electric Vehicles to Hong Kong and Macau.

I’m pleased to see we continue to build on the Distribution Excellence foundations we have developed over the years and continue to expand beyond our existing businesses to grow the APAC region as a whole..

Ruslan Kinebas, CEO APAC of Inchcape, commented:

This exciting partnership leverages our respective strengths: Inchcape’s well-established reputation and distribution network in Greater China and globally, and Great Wall Motor’s EV experience.

Inchcape’s Asia-Pacific market growth plans include ambitious sustainable mobility and alternative drive-train strategies, and as such we are delighted to have Great Wall Motor as a partner. They bring proven EV expertise to the table, which is going to appeal to a fast-growing customer base.

Great Wall Motor is also the first Chinese automobile company to develop a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality. This partnership is reflective both of Inchcape’s commitment to partner with leading and forward-thinking OEMs, and to its Responsible Business strategy.

Sun Guang, Deputy General Manager of GWM International, commented:

The Great Wall Motor Company is committed to developing new EVs and technologies to bring to customers in Asia and beyond.  In this regard, Inchcape – with its strong global network – is a great partner for us, and will play a key role in helping us to reach our four million vehicle sales goal by 2025, of which, 80% will be new energy vehicles.