Insights | June 10, 2024

Inchcape CFO Adrian Lewis interviewed by Board Intelligence

Inchcape’s Adrian Lewis shares his thoughts on the changing role of the CFO and the mobility transition in Board Intelligence interview

Our Group CFO Adrian Lewis was recently interviewed by Board Intelligence for a series examining the CFO’s role in creating a fairer future.

As part of a wide-ranging discussion on the changing role of the CFO, he explained how data and insights help drive high-quality non-financial information, highlighted Inchcape’s role in the mobility transition and shared his thoughts on the broader agenda that CFOs are now incorporating into their decision-making processes to drive sustainable business success.

“The CFO must demonstrate leadership. You need to get non-financial elements onto the agenda and explain why they’re important. Simply telling people that it’s a regulatory requirement isn’t enough on its own. You need to provide a better, more convincing “why?”, for people to be inspired and take it as seriously as they should. That’s exactly the journey we’ve been on at Inchcape, where the integration of sustainability metrics into our own core business objectives underpins the role we play in helping the world’s biggest automotive brands to drive the mobility transition.”

Read the full interview here