Our Chief HR Officer, Helen Cunningham, on Inchcape's winning culture

Our One Inchcape culture is a big part of our company’s ongoing success.

Our culture is built by effective teamwork, fresh thinking, a focus on delivery and putting our customers – both our internal colleagues as well as our external partners and customers – at the centre of everything we do.  

To deliver our strategy requires all of us to continually challenge ourselves to ensure we are working in the most effective way, striving to deliver an exceptional and industry-leading service to our OEM partners, a great experience to our consumers and making Inchcape an even better place to work.

Our One Inchcape way of working

To support the development of our culture we have:

  • Our Purpose – this sets out our direction as a business
  • Our Code of Conduct  these are the guiding principles and standards all colleagues need to follow
  • Our Inchcape Values & Behaviours – these are our shared beliefs about what is most important to us as a global business.

Our One Inchcape Values & Behaviours

“We deliver great experiences through fresh thinking and working better together.”

These Values & Behaviours are to be used as a guide for all colleagues at Inchcape, across all levels and locations of our organisation. They help drive our business performance by improving how we do things and help our colleagues make better decisions.

We deliver, ensuring everything we do meets the expectations of OEM partners, customers and colleagues. We focus on what matters most and take accountability for what we do, always looking to see how we can improve the way we work.
We want our customers and everyone we work and partner with to have a great experience. We do this by understanding their needs and designing industry-leading solutions that drive satisfaction and better commercial performance.
We lead our industry by looking ahead and taking smart risks, anticipating changes in our markets to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that delight our customers. Our ambition and future focus will ensure our company will grow and outperform our peers.
We achieve more by developing stronger teams that work better together. We are inclusive and bring together a diverse set of thinking from across the One Inchcape team. We share our passion for what we do and celebrate our success. We care about our colleagues, partners and communities, taking the time to understand each other and build mutual trust.