As the vital link connecting brands with consumers, our core purpose is to create a vibrant value chain aimed at growing customers and building advocacy. This is how we bring mobility to the world’s communities; for today, for tomorrow and for the better.

Encompassing fulfilment, distribution, finance and retail, Inchcape Australia’s operations place the company in an unrivalled position in the local market. Our value chain enables Inchcape to be the only company in Australia to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end offering.

Inchcape can provide its partners with a tailored solution to meet their needs; be it representing their brand through distribution, delivering an exceptional customer experience through our retail offering, meeting an array of fulfilment needs through AutoNexus or any combination of the above. Inchcape’s unique market position allows our brand partners to leverage the scale of our value chain to deliver their objectives.

Differentiated Distribution

Inchcape’s distribution value chain comprises six key elements which provide full spectrum ‘Differentiated Distribution’ services for our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners:

  1. Product Planning: Through extensive market knowledge, informing the planning and design of new models, tailoring to the needs of each geography. 
  2. Logistics Operating: comprehensive port or border to showroom connections to remove the logistical burden from our OEM partners. 
  3. Brand and Marketing: proposition development and brand positioning from pricing to promotion, maximising market share for our partners. 
  4. Channel Management: optimising reach and communications to our customers and driving conversion through personalised and tailored marketing. 
  5. Retail Services: selecting and appointing independent dealers, optimising the retail portfolio across each market and implementing the omni-channel network for new and used sales, and Finance and Insurance (“F&I”). 
  6. Aftermarket Services: servicing, body shop and parts via the omni-channel retail network, and multi-brand parts distribution.

Our value chain is differentiated from others by our investments in digital customer experience, in data analytics, our global connected platform that enables us to deploy our processes consistently worldwide, and deep local market expertise.

An industry in transformation

The world is changing rapidly as society transitions to a more digital and less carbon intensive future across every sector. Physical dealerships remain essential in the customer journey but are no longer the only route for customers to access their mobility needs.

We have known for some time that the key lies in omnichannel – creating the opportunities for customers to access the full range of our products and services – from purchase through to aftersales and services – in the way that most suits them, online, offline and any combination of both

This approach is not just good for the customer but has also been developed for us to better serve our OEM partners – building new capabilities, systems and processes at Inchcape to ensure we are best placed in the market to become the undisputed number one distribution partner of choice for automotive manufacturers.

Enabling transformation – how we deliver for our OEM partners

Everything we do is about being a better partner to our OEMs, with a future-focused mindset and capabilities built on operational excellence in our core automotive business.

1. Helping OEMs grow market share and drive profitability

  • We have a long track record of achieving high market share positions and high customer satisfaction.
  • We are a well-funded, reliable partner with global processes and governance to reduce risk for the automotive brands we work with.
  • Our core focus is on lower volume, high growth potential markets where OEMs lack scale – combining the power of a global independent distributor, with the efficiencies of regional back-office support and deep local market expertise.
  • We are at the forefront of the omni-channel transformation, investing in the combined digital and physical estate to create the optimum customer experience.

2. Innovative digital and data solutions deployed at pace

  • Seamless omni-channel operations using our proprietary digital experience platform, supporting all commercial models.
  • Data and analytics capabilities to optimise performance.
  • Continuous improvements in on- and offline customer experience based on customer needs.

3. Insight and capability to support OEMs through the transition to future powertrains as customers’ needs evolve

  • Deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of electric vehicles and its implications for customers and business.
  • Piloting future mobility solutions.
  • Agility and challenger mentality to facilitate future needs.