Inchcape Australasia

Inchcape Australasia employs over 1,400 team members across Australia and New Zealand. As part of a global company, our purpose is to bring mobility to the world’s communities – for today, for tomorrow and for the better. Inchcape Australasia has a diverse portfolio spanning distribution, where we hold the custodianship for some of the world’s most recognised brands; fulfilment, where we are the market leader in integrated, omni-channel automotive fulfilment solutions; retail, where we deliver an exceptional experience at every stage of the customer journey and financial services, where we deliver the right financial services solution to our distribution brand networks, retail businesses and customers.

Our diverse and rich history inspires us to adopt a longer-term perspective, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible automotive industry while generating a positive impact for our customers and the communities in which we operate.


  Subaru Australia

Subaru Australia is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of Subaru vehicles manufactured by Subaru Corporation.

Subaru has been part of Australian family life since 1973 forging a proud history of getting families to where they need to be, no matter how rough the road. The brand has experienced impressive growth in Australia and now commands one of the greatest market shares of any major Subaru market worldwide. Subaru Australia vehicles have been exclusively All-Wheel Drive since 1998, except for the ultimate joy ride, rear-wheel drive BRZ that joined the range in 2012. Subaru has long been highly regarded for its performance technologies. From the rally stages to the highway, Subaru’s engineering and driving characteristics are focused on delivering a driving experience unlike any other, handling all road and weather conditions with ease, control and comfort. On the rally stages, conditions can change in an instant and a driver’s confidence in their car is paramount. While Subaru rally cars proudly carried the scars of uncompromising terrain, the lessons learnt from their adventures inform the design philosophy for every Subaru – and it is this philosophy that has earned Subaru an enviable reputation for high-quality engineering, active and passive safety, reliability, a fun driving experience and value. To find out more, visit


  Subaru of New Zealand

Subaru of New Zealand is the exclusive New Zealand importer and distributor of vehicles manufactured by Subaru Corporation since 1992.

Subaru of New Zealand prides itself on taking Kiwis to where they’d rather be; with Subaru’s legendary All-Wheel Drive providing freedom to New Zealanders to explore the beauty that sits right in their backyard, in country where the weather changes as quickly as the landscape. In 1997, Subaru became the first car company to offer All-Wheel Drive as standard on every model sold in New Zealand. The country is often referred to as ‘Subaru country’ and proudly boasts the most Subaru drivers per capita in the world.

Subaru of New Zealand represents the brand’s philosophy of high-quality engineering, active and passive safety, reliability, a fun driving experience, and value through a network of 17 independently owned and operated dealers from Auckland to Invercargill.

Subaru of New Zealand is recognised as one of Subaru’s top distributors worldwide, a direct result of innovative local marketing and a strong customer experience focus. To find out more, visit


  Peugeot Australia

Peugeot Australia is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of Peugeot vehicles manufactured by Stellantis.

For over 210 years, the Peugeot name and its iconic Lion emblem has appeared on a range of products from coffee grinders to pepper mills, bicycles, scooters and automobiles – Peugeot has always been at the forefront of mobility and innovation. The French marque boasts a broad history of being locally sold in Australia since the 1950s as well as winning prestigious and gruelling events such as the iconic Dakar Rally, Le Mans 24 Hours, World Rally Championship and the REDeX Around Australia Reliability Trial. Today, Peugeot leverages this rich history to deliver sharp design, uncompromising quality, an instinctive driving experience and award-winning excellence in its mobility solutions for the modern motorist. Now, we’re entering an exciting new phase with the upcoming introduction of electrified models to the Australian market. To find out more, visit


  Citroën Australia

Citroën Australia is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of Citroën vehicles manufactured by Stellantis.

Citroën was founded in France by Andre Citroën in 1919 and was first brought to Australia in 1920. The Citroën 5CV enjoys the storied history of being the very first vehicle to completely circumvent Australia in 1925 and is proudly displayed in the National Australian Museum. Since 1919, Citroën has created automobiles, technologies and mobility solutions to respond to evolutions in society. Being an audacious and innovative brand, Citroën places serenity and well-being at the heart of its customer experience and range of vehicles. To find out more, visit


  LDV New Zealand

Inchcape was appointed the New Zealand importer and distributor of LDV vehicles manufactured by SAIC Motor in 2023.

Offering New Zealand’s hardest working range of vehicles, with a comprehensive electric commercial vehicle range, LDV is working harder every day to power the future of businesses looking to make the move to electric. Built on the values of technology, trust, and ambition, which are represented in the brand’s logo by the three connected and circulated arrows, LDV innovates and breaks industry traditions to offer a series of user-driven, competitive vehicle products and life services.

LDV joined SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, the largest automotive manufacturer in China, in 2010 through an acquisition of the commercial vehicles division of the British Motor Corporation. SAIC Motor is striving to lead the industry’s development trends, including electrification and intelligent connectivity, the acceleration of innovation and transformation, and evolution from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a comprehensive provider of auto products and mobility services. To find out more, visit


  KGM New Zealand

Inchcape was appointed the New Zealand importer and distributor of KGM vehicles in 2023. KGM is South Korean born and future bound. The modern mobility brand is fuelled by the luxury legacy of SsangYong and is on a path towards advanced electrification, autonomous driving and greater mobility for all. The acquisition of SsangYong by KG Global signalled its entry into the automotive industry with KG Mobility embracing the paradigm shift impacting the automotive industry by focusing on the development and application of future-oriented technologies such as electrification, software-defined vehicles (SDV), AI technologies, autonomous driving and connectivity, and the provision of mobility services based on them. True to the Korean culture, it pushes against its own rigid norms, with contemporary, abstract ideas, and produces them to a high level of craft, which is expressed through KGM New Zealand’s brand platform, Crafted to Unexpected. To find out more, visit



AutoNexus is the market leader in integrated, omni-channel automotive fulfilment solutions, offering bespoke services tailored to meet its partners’ needs, delivered with an unwavering focus on quality, expertise and exceptional customer service. There’s a reason AutoNexus is the leading provider of automotive fulfilment and supply chain solutions. It’s a reputation it’s earned, delivering industry expertise and insightful advice to each and every customer since their inception. Its ability to delivery end-to-end is just the beginning. AutoNexus is constantly developing new techniques and technologies to drive its customers further. Its customers are the lifeblood of the business – and the same passion that drives them, drives AutoNexus to deliver seamless responsive solutions. That means constantly searching, innovating and going beyond to find a better way forward; building a work that is ready for subscription, autonomous and electric vehicles. Because to be the fulfilment partner of choice, AutoNexus needs to accelerate the future. We are AutoNexus – and we’re Powering Better Mobility.

With sites across Australia and New Zealand, AutoNexus is the premium fulfilment partner of choice for businesses and brand partners. AutoNexus’ offering encompasses fleet conversions, reconditioning, refurbishment and maintenance in addition to vehicle logistics, parts warehousing, accessory fitment, aftermarket products, pre-delivery inspections, and distribution and inventory management services for several leading automotive brands. To find out more, visit or


  Inchcape Automotive Retail

Inchcape Automotive Retail is a leading automotive group, representing nine brands including Subaru, Peugeot, and Citroën in Australia, and LDV and KGM in New Zealand. Across our various locations – Trivett in Sydney, Subaru Melbourne, Melbourne City Peugeot and Citroën in Melbourne, Keystar Autoworld in South-East Queensland and several LDV and SsangYong dealerships across New Zealand – Inchcape Automotive Retail prides itself on offering a professional, seamless purchasing experience in our state-of-the art showrooms. Our extensive range of new and certified approved pre-owned used vehicles, combined with our competitive finance options, mean we can accommodate for almost every customer’s individual needs and budget. At Inchcape Automotive Retail, we believe that purchasing a vehicle is just the first step of the ownership journey. Our factory-trained, award-winning staff are on hand to service and maintain your vehicle in our world-class servicing facilities and continue to support you throughout your ownership journey.


  Inchcape Financial Services

Developed in Australia by Inchcape as a joint venture with Allied Credit, Inchcape Financial Services aims to deliver the right financial services solution to our distribution networks, retail businesses and customers. Inchcape Financial Services is a dedicated captive finance company focused on providing Inchcape Australia’s brands, dealer networks and customers with flexibility, confidence and convenience. Inchcape Financial Services’ purpose is to make buying a new or used car easier by supporting customers in their purchase and repurchase journey. With the support of our participating and supporting dealers, we focus on delivering a superior level of service to customers, via tailored solutions, ensuring customers start their next car-buying journey in a faster, easier manner and with more transparency than ever before.



Launched in Australia in 2022, bravoauto is a global Inchcape brand that offers a wide selection of quality used cars, all with additional value-added benefits. At bravoauto our core purpose is to create an incredible customer experience for Australians searching for their next used vehicle. We are committed to putting our customers first every time, every day, everywhere. We promise to offer more choice, more transparency, more value, more support, and most of all, more of everything our customers expect. With a congratulatory ‘bravo’, we celebrate every potential customer for making the great decision to buy from bravoauto.

Our core values at bravoauto are choice, value, and security. With hundreds of used cars for you to choose from and the ability to browse in person or online, the choice is yours. We’ve made buying a car a whole lot easier with no hidden fees – the price you see is the price you will pay. We will offer you everything you expect and more including a seven day love it or swap it option as standard, so if you’re not happy with your car, you can exchange it within the first seven days. Rest assured your car will be road-ready on collection after being inspected by our experienced technicians that have completed a thorough safety check. Simply put, at bravoauto our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. Find out more at