Inchcape is the leading independent multi-brand global automotive distributor, operating in over 40 markets and territories with a portfolio of the world’s leading automotive brands.

We are present on six continents and operate across Asia, Australasia, Central and South America, Africa, Europe and the UK.

We employ over 22,000 people worldwide and operate or manage through a third party network of retailers over 1,000 points of sale, as well as a digital sales and marketing network that extends to cover most of our operations.

Our competitive advantage

Long-standing partner relationships

We provide effective, well financed and customer centred routes to market for vehicles and parts. We enable access to a broad range of vehicles from passenger cars and motorbikes through to heavy trucks and equipment, commercial and municipal transport and we facilitate their continued use through aftersales services.

Our longest standing partnerships* in years of relationships

Longest standing partnerships

Why OEMs partner with Inchcape

  • Distribution is our specialism
  • We are nimble, fast and efficient
  • OEMs’ focus (capital and expertise) is on larger markets and powertrain evolution
  • We have been helping car brands grow for decades
  • We have developed market-leading technology
  • Strong global governance for emerging markets

Differentiated Distribution

Inchcape’s value chain comprises six key elements which provide full spectrum ‘Differentiated Distribution’ services for our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners:

  1. Product planning Through extensive market knowledge, informing the planning and design of new models, tailoring to the needs of each geography. 
  2. Logistics Operating comprehensive port or border to showroom connections to remove the logistical burden from our OEM partners. 
  3. Brand and marketing Proposition development and brand positioning from pricing to promotion, maximising market share for our partners. 
  4. Channel management Optimising reach and communications to our customers and driving conversion through personalised and tailored marketing. 
  5. Retail services Selecting and appointing independent dealers, optimising the retail portfolio across each market and implementing the omni-channel network for new and used sales, and Finance and Insurance (F&I). 
  6. Aftermarket services Servicing, body shop and parts via the omni-channel retail network, and multi-brand parts distribution.

Our value chain is differentiated from others by our investments in digital customer experience, in data analytics, our global connected platform that enables us to deploy our processes consistently worldwide, and deep local market expertise.