News | May 22, 2024

The Art of AI at Inchcape: Part 2

Alex Capewell, Global Data and Analytics Director has provide his second update on how Inchcape Digital uses AI to #AccelerateOurAmbition. You can read Part 1 here.

Practical AI Applications: Real-Time Solutions for Real-World Problems

Continuing our AI journey

Alex Capwell, Inchcape’s Global Data & Analytics Director

Welcome back to our series on AI integration at Inchcape. In our first part, we discussed the overarching strategies and a key initiative that have shaped our approach to AI. Now, let’s explore more about how specific AI tools are addressing real-time challenges, offering immediate benefits to our customers and OEM partners.

Enhancing customer interactions with AI

One of our standout AI tools is the Real-Time Lead Scoring algorithm. Every sales lead generated on our websites worldwide is immediately scored for purchase intent and readiness. This enables us to tailor the customer care approach, whether through direct contact with sales representatives, our business development centers, a chatbot, or email. By aligning our response to the customer’s needs, we enhance satisfaction and efficiency, reflecting our commitment to customer-centric service.

Streamlining services with AI

Our award-winning AI Body and Paint Quotation solution revolutionizes how customers handle vehicle repairs. By simply submitting photos of vehicle damage via a WhatsApp chatbot, customers receive a repair quote within minutes. This not only alleviates stress during a challenging time but also streamlines the booking process for repairs, demonstrating our focus on convenience and customer care.

Secrets to success

The keys to our successful AI implementations include prioritizing use cases over perfect data, and maintaining a diversified portfolio of AI projects. This approach allows us to adapt quickly and scale effectively, turning AI investments into profitable solutions that resonate across our business and improve our customer experiences.

The road ahead

In sharing our story, I hope it gave you a peek into the practical side of implementing AI in a large business. We’re learning as we go, tweaking our approaches, and sometimes recalibrating entirely. I hope our experiences can provide you with insights and inspiration, perhaps even a roadmap of what to embrace and what to avoid. And, in the spirit of sharing, I’d love to know what your experience is with scaling AI in the sometimes challenging world of a global business.

You can read Part 1 of this blog series here.