The Places Pillar comprises the following elements

1. Safe mobility

Inchcape promotes the safe use of roads with the objective of becoming a strong and visible advocate for reduced road accidents and deaths across all markets in which we operate. We will:

  • support and promote safe driving through sponsorship of educational programmes, awareness creation and campaigns on safe use of roads.
  • partner with relevant bodies, stakeholders and advocates to develop and implement accident prevention initiatives and support emergency responses to save lives on the roads.
  • develop and roll-out a proprietary digital engagement platform dedicated to promoting Safe Mobility globally.

2. Inclusive mobility

As part of our approach to more Inclusive mobility we will:

  • support people with disabilities to access the right mobility solutions through sponsorship and promotion of specific initiatives in our markets.
  • support key programmes that promote, activities and topics such as sports, education, skills acquisition and health of those with disabilities.
  • ensure all Inchcape facilities and operations provide full and inclusive access to mobility for those with disabilities.

3. Social mobility

We will develop specific global and local projects and initiatives that support and enable equal opportunities for young people; for example through internship, apprenticeship, technical education and female education.

Focus of such programmes will be on the less privileged and disadvantaged young people in communities in which we operate to give those selected a better chance to live, grow and realise their potential.

Inchcape will be a promoter and supporter of upward mobility for all by helping and being seen to help young people out of poverty and deprivation.

Our current focus areas

Community activities

There is currently a wide range of community-based activity taking place across all of our markets, including S.O.S. Children’s Village and the Red Cross as well as Safe Drive mobility training to employees and their relatives in our African and American markets.

Road safety campaign

Group-wide safe driving awareness and training initiatives have been introduced for employees, alongside market-level road safety agency partnerships targeting employees, customers and public on safe use of roads.

Focus on road safety

In December 2021 we ran our first global road use safety awareness communication with reminders on safe driving practice in the holiday and winter seasons.

This was relevant to most parts of the business, but in Australia where the campaign originated, we again partnered the Australian Road Safety Foundation.

This included appearances by advocates and campaigners for better road safety, signing up employees and customers to the ‘live the road safety pledge’, an initiative that Subaru Australia has sponsored and been associated with for many years.