Case Study | May 30, 2024

Mobilising Hearts in Colombia

Romeo Lacerda, CEO Inchcape Americas

Mobilising Hearts - an alliance between Inchcape Colombia and the FundaFe Foundation - is a transformative programme dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with disabilities. With the collaboration of our colleagues and by ingeniously repurposing discarded spare parts, the initiative crafts orthopaedic prostheses, thereby offering newfound mobility and hope to those in need.

Romeo Lacerda CEO, Inchcape Americas

Making a positive impact in the communities we serve is central to our values and the success of our business. We are exploring the role we can and should play in advancing mobility and enhancing quality of life in the communities where we operate. These areas include Inclusive Mobility and focusing on mobility solutions for those with disabilities.

In Colombia, we’re pursuing this mission through Movilizando Corazones – or Mobilising Hearts – a project to benefit Colombians with physical disabilities by providing mobility solutions. This initiative involves repurposing spare parts, previously considered scrap, to create prostheses for those in need.

We have teamed up with Fundación Fuente De Esperanza (FUNDAFE), a local Colombian NGO, that utilises our spare parts in two ways: incorporating them directly into the construction of prostheses or, if they’re not suitable for this purpose, selling them to generate funds crucial for the foundation’s ongoing operations.

Our commitment to this programme extends beyond just donating spare parts. By providing transportation services to FUNDAFE, Movilizando Corazones has journeyed 30,830 km, reaching 37 cities and municipalities throughout Colombia. These visits are to conduct maintenance checks on provided prostheses, helping to ensure their continued functionality.

As a locally embedded NGO, FUNDAFE is perfectly placed to visit smaller towns and deliver prostheses and solutions to individuals who aren’t able to reach the capital, Bogotá.

So far, this innovative programme has benefited a total of 57 individuals, and over 150 prostheses maintenances.

Mobilising Hearts – working across our communities in Colombia