News | March 15, 2022

Focus on Inclusion and Diversity

Our employees are at the heart of the People pillar of our ‘Driving What Matters’ plan, which aims to ensure we have a safe operating environment with an inclusive and diverse culture as well as the best talent and skills to power our future success.

Our vision for Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) is to have the world’s communities reflected across Inchcape. We believe that the more voices, experiences and backgrounds we include at Inchcape, the more we will all thrive for today, for tomorrow and for the better. We created our first I&D Framework in 2021 to achieve this vision.

Our I&D Framework sets out the guiding principles we will follow and foundational actions we will take:

  • Colleague voice: we are setting up structured forums so the conversation and action on I&D is led by our colleagues
  • Knowledge and Understanding: we are building a suite of tools, development, learning and practical guidance to help to reduce bias and drive more inclusive decisions across our business.
  • Visibility and Progress: we are creating global I&D standards through policy development and committing to regularly tracking and measuring the impact of our programmes on I&D.
  • A Shared Language: we are developing a shared language that we can use together on I&D and opportunities for our communities to engage with each other through global I&D awareness days and toolkits.

Our I&D Framework will evolve as we continue to embed the actions and it will enable us to develop global priorities alongside providing the opportunity for local markets to tailor initiatives to the needs of their communities.