Learn about each of our Board Committees below

It is the role of the Audit Committee to ensure the integrity of the financial reporting and audit processes, to ensure the internal control and risk management systems are effective, to review the Group’s whistleblowing procedures and to establish and maintain an appropriate relationship with the external auditor. 

Committee Members

John Langston (Chair) Non-Executive Director
Rachel Empey Non-Executive Director
Jerry Buhlmann Senior Independent Director

Chair of Audit Committee

It is the role of the Remuneration Committee to ensure that remuneration arrangements support the strategic aims of the business and enable the recruitment, motivation and retention of senior executives while also complying with the requirements of regulation.

The Committee invites other individuals, such as the Group Chief Executive, the Chief Human Resources Officer and external consultants to attend its meetings. No Director takes part in any decision affecting his own remuneration.

Committee Members

Jane Kingston (Chair) Non-Executive Director
Jerry Buhlmann Senior Independent Director
Nigel Stein Chairman
Till Vestring Non-Executive Director

Chair of Remuneration Committee

The Nomination Committee plays a vital role within the context of the Board as it is responsible for the selection of strong candidates to fill both executive and non-executive roles. The Committee must keep the skills and experience of the Board under review to ensure that the right balance is in place for the business to be run effectively. The Nomination Committee ensures the right people are appointed, the Non-Executive Directors are independent and the Directors have sufficient time to carry out their duties effectively.

Committee Members

Nigel Stein (Chair) Chairman
Jerry Buhlmann Senior Independent Director
Rachel Empey Non-Executive Director
Jane Kingston Non-Executive Director
John Langston Non-Executive Director
Till Vestring Non-Executive Director

Chair of Nomination Committee

The CSR Committee is responsible for developing a CSR strategy which underpins the Group’s business operations, supports its values and encourages commitment to our colleagues, our OEM partners, our customers the communities in which we operate and our environment.

Committee Members

Till Vestring (Chair) Non-Executive Director
Jerry Buhlmann Senior Independent Director
Stefan Bomhard Group Chief Executive
Alison Clarke Chief Human Resources Officer
Nigel Stein  Chairman

Chair of CSR Committee