Who we support

Rock climbing with the Singapore Children’s Society

In December 2015, colleagues from Inchcape Singapore embarked on an activity to add a little joy to the lives of under-privileged children from the Singapore Children’s Society.

Inchcape Singapore have supported the Singapore Children’s Society over many years and last year decided to fulfil the children’s Christmas wish with a rock-climbing activity. To kick start the event, Mr. Victor Tan, Director of Infrastructure Development and Facilities, welcomed the children and presented a cheque of SIN$1,000 to the Singapore Children’s Society. The rock climbing activity was a memorable event and a wonderful day for everyone present.

Mother and Child Rehabilitation Centre in Ethiopia

Inchcape has supported the Mother and Child Rehabilitation Centre (MCRC) in Ethiopia since 2002. This amazing charity, run by Jutta de Muynck, the wife of Chris de Muynck, Managing Director of our Ethiopian business, takes in disadvantaged children from Addis Ababa and beyond, providing food, shelter, education, medical care and therapy for the children and their parents. MCRC aims to help them recover from past traumas and equip them through employment and personal training with the means to be independent and successful in the future.

Atkins Kroll, Care Saipan Fund

The island of Saipan in the Northern Pacific was badly hit by Typhoon Soudelour in August 2015, damaging homes and businesses and leaving the island without water or electricity. An Atkins Kroll (AK) Care Saipan fund was immediately set up with the Inchcape Group donating US$20,000 to kick off the fundraising efforts.

AK employees’ and volunteers worked together to collect, wrap and pack relief supplies for 62 fellow colleagues and their families. Food, cooking fuel, mosquito coils, flashlights, candles, household goods, personal care products, gas containers as well as linens and hand towels were sorted and packed into a 24-foot container.

AK Saipan also provided the charity and the military with additional vehicles and set up a shelter and provided hardship payments for colleagues affected. They provided emergency transport for customers, who also received discounts on car repair bills and advantageous prices on damaged stock.

Inchcape Australia - The Big Issue and the power of passion

In April 2015, over 40 of Inchcape Australia’s (IAL) Senior Leaders gathered in offices in Sydney to hear of one organisation’s vision to help homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people positively change their lives. The Big Issue magazine is found in a number of countries but in Sydney, IAL leaders heard how being clear on why you exist and the vision which drives you can help you achieve amazing things.

IAL leaders took on the Big Issue Challenge to sell magazines on the street in downtown Sydney, applying their sales and networking skills to raise money. Over four hours, through sales on the street and networking online, the IAL team managed to raise nearly AUS$10,000!

Technician from Inchcape UK puts his volunteer days to good use.

Andy Smith from Audi Macclesfield has a passion for martial arts and decided to put his volunteer day to good use by teaching self defence to young adults with learning disabilities. Andy has been training in martial arts for 33 years and teaching for over 10.

Thanks to the Inchcape in the Community scheme and his bosses at Macclesfield Audi, Andy was given two half days off to be able to deliver two self defence sessions to young adults with learning disabilities. The Looking Forward Activities Group provides fun activities and life skills for young adults with a wide range of learning disabilities. Andy held two sessions and both groups were very enthusiastic and had great fun learning a wide range of simple self defence techniques.