Our approach

Making a positive difference

At Inchcape we take our Corporate Responsibility (CR) very seriously; acting responsibly towards the communities and environments in which we work and towards individuals and society in general. Throughout our history we have believed that our business is about more than just the bottom line.

We are now evolving our CR strategy and aligning it with our strategic objectives, focusing on where we can make the most positive impact for our stakeholders and society. This will build on the progress we made in 2015 across the five CR metrics through which we monitor our activity: developing our People; improving Customer experiences; working with innovative OEM Partners; supporting local Communities; and managing our impact on the Environment.

CR is governed through the Corporate Responsibility Committee, which meets twice yearly and is served by a central CR operational team and a network of CR Champions across our 29 markets. The CR Committee is attended by Ken Hanna, Chairman, Coline McConville, Non-Executive Director, Stefan Bomhard, Group Chief Executive Officer, and Alison Clarke, Chief Human Resources Officer, reflecting its importance to the business.

As we focus on growing the business over the coming years, the contribution of CR will become increasingly important; we will strive to be at the forefront of progress, innovation and stewardship in corporate responsibility – it is an integral part of Inchcape.