Why Inchcape

Inchcape currently employs around 15,000 people based in markets across the world to give our customers, businesses and manufacturers a wide variety of automotive services – from distribution to retail, aftersales and financial services.

For you, and all our existing and potential employees, it means two things: you can enjoy the benefits of working for an organisation that is committed to its people; and you can grow as an individual with the Company.

In fact, many of our current colleagues who have been with the Group for many years have been able to experience several different roles – and countries – during their time with us. This is because the size and nature of Inchcape has enabled them to develop skills in new areas and, over time, to access unique career opportunities, throughout the Company.

So could you.

In fact, if you are an enthusiastic individual who can relate to our values, a self-starter who enjoys not only working as part of a team but as part of a wider global organisation, then Inchcape could be the perfect business for you.