Our people

Developing our people

Inchcape’s employees are its most valuable asset; it is the talent and dedication of our people that delivers the Group’s results, year after year. The four pillars of our people engagement strategy, Right People, Right Learning, Right Reward and Right Culture, have been developed to ensure that as a company we value and nurture this most important resource.


As part of a global company, we are able to leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce. WE have strong processes which are aimed at constantly improving the quality of our hiring and our talent planning and reviews. As a consequence we are able to offer exciting development opportunities for our talent, including international transfers.


We aim to create and promote a rich environment of learning for everyone. Throughout programmes such as ‘Grow with Inchcape’ we ensure that internal development happens for everyone. This can be on the job training or through a variety of development options, including job rotation or stretching new roles. By doing this, we are creating a pipeline of talent who have been internally nurtured and developed. Our Executive Committee is a great example of this, where most of the current Committee members have been developed within the Group before being appointed to their current role.


We have several schemes across the Group which are designed to ensure that our people feel valued and are recognised for their contribution to the business. Our recognition and rewards policy is geared towards reinforcing the right behaviours in keeping with our Values and the interests of our shareholders.


We recognise that it is the engagement of our colleagues around the world that brings our Customer 1st strategy to life. We proactively develop employee engagement through a variety of programmes including workshops designed to align each colleague with the strategic plan as well as give them toolkits to help them unleash their own potential as well as the potential of their colleagues.